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Dos and Don’ts: Do sneakers really go with everything?

We all love sneakers for their versatility and the right pair can he business lp to pull together a look and add visual interest. In fact, Americans have find at least six pairs in their wardrobe on average. 

Choosing the wrong pair can ruin the look you’re trying to go for, so h house ow can we always make sure to get it right before stepping out the door? 

Here are some dos and don’ts when it comes to styling your sneakers and keeping your collection in top form:

DO start a rotation

It’s easy to assume one pair of good sneakers is all you need, but one way to make sure your kicks always go with your outfit is to have more than one option!

Build up a solid collection of sneakers for every occasion, just as a smart pair, sporty pair, casual pair, and a ‘going out’ pair. It’s also a good idea to have a few options in different colorways to help give your outfits variety and to make sure they’re not clashing with certain outfits.


Some people might argue that sneakers cannot be used for a business casual or smart look because of their sporty and informal design. However, sneakers are now becoming a more acceptable option for many professionals and can look extremely trendy when paired with the right outfit. In fact, according to our study, one-third of Americans would not consider someone wearing sneakers to work to be unprofessional.

To look more ‘put-together’ in a work setting whilst wearing sneakers, make sure to pair your kicks with a smart pair of jeans or tailored trousers and a casual shirt or clean white tee


DO keep your sneakers looking fresh                 


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